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Unii is a singer, songwriter, electronic music composer (ambient, avant-garde pop) from Northern island of Sapporo city, Hokkaido, Japan.  Her soft yet powerful voice mixed with electronic sound invites you to the artistic world of hers. Unii has been performing live not only in Japan but overseas in Europe and Asia, such as Singapore, Vietnam and China. Her music is accepted positively borderless-ly and her style is described as post Bjork that it floats us into dream-like soundscape.

Unii released her first album from independent label Elegant Disc “New world, sea and your eyes” (2011) which she did all the creation work from recording to songwriting. The second album “Long scene, before sunset” was released from her own label Nothernlights in August of 2014. Unii’s creation is fresh and she is pioneering her own style of music.

Unii (ゆに)シンガー、ソングライター、電子音楽。
北海道札幌市出身。やわらかくも印象強い歌声と電子音楽のアンサンブルで独自の世界観を描 き出す。ヨーロッパ、東南アジア、シンガポール、ベトナム、中国等、国内外で数多くのライブバフォーマンスを行い、国境を越え高い評価を受けている。その サウンドはポスト世代のビョークとも形容され、深く静かで、浮遊感の漂うサウンドスケープが私達を夢の世界へと誘う。
ファーストアルバム "ニュー世界、海と 君の瞳"(2011)をインディペンデントレーベル"エレガントディスク"より発表、すべての録音、作曲、制作を手がけた。2014年8月に"Long scene, before sunset"を自主レーベル"ノーザンライツ"より発表。新しく瑞々しい音楽世界を切り拓いている。

Past live
unii live in Europe April - May 2015  >FB event page
10 Apr Lyon France - Atelier l'Oeil-de-boeuf
11 Apr Sumène France - à la ferme de l'Olivier
12 Apr Marseille France - Asile 404 w;Cyril.M
13 Apr Montpellier France - la Villa des Cent Regards
14 Apr Nice France - Atelier Le Salon
16 Apr Perpignan France - A cent mètres du centre du monde
18 Apr Toulouse France -  la maison peinte
19 Apr Berga Spain - Konvent zero
22 Apr Madrid Spain - Café La Palma w; Narcoléptica & Prack VJ
24 Apr Barcelona Spain - Teatre de l'Enjòlit
25 Apr Copenhagen Denmark - Cherry Music Copenhagen 2015
27 Apr Berlin Germany - Madame Claude w;C-drík
28 Apr Mannheim Germany - elektrosmog
29 Apr Frankfurt Germany - Phonophone
1 May Chemnitz Germany - Lesecafe " O D R A D E K "
2 May Augsburg Germany - Ganze Bäckerei
6 May Graz Austria - Interpenetration
7 May Vienna Austria - Verein08
8 May Hannover Germany - Bei Koc
9 May Hamburg Germany - Freies Sender Kombinat
10 May Bremen Germany - The Elefant
11 May Berlin Germany - Argh w;Ememe
13 May Amsterdam Netherlands - Kulter M4gastatelier
15 May Goor Netherlands - Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds
17 May Basel Switzerland - Alpenblick
19 May Geneva Switzerland - La Gravière
20 May Lausanne Switzerland - on fait di l'art
22 May Inssrbruck Austria - Die Bäckerei
23 May Szeged Hungary - Grand Café
24 May Budapest Hungary - Harmadik Ember Fesztivál
26 May Treviso Italy - Eden Cafe
27 May Venice Italy - NERO DI SEPPIA
28 May Belluno Italy - Toxic Industries
29 May Treviso Italy - BAD TRIP Night
30 May Venice Italy - Banchina Molini
31 May Treviso Italy - DIRTMOR

8 Feb Sapporo Japan - North2


7 Dec Hacham Art Complex Sapporo Japan
6 Dec Duce Sapporo Japan
30 Nov GariGari Tokyo Japan

Unii China Tour 2014

20 Nov 上海 (Shanghai) at Shelter

21 Nov 南通(Nantong)at 無二酒吧
22 Nov 杭州 (Hangzhou) at Institute of Film and New Media
23 Nov 南京 (Nanjing) at Zebra Bar
25 Nov 北京 (Beijing) at XP
26 Nov 北京 (Beijing) at DDC
28 Nov 青島 (Qingdao) at Downtown Bar
29 Nov 上海 (Shanghai) at Harleys Bar

16 Nov ART SPACE BAR BUENA Tokyo,Japan
8 Nov DUCE club Sapporo,Japan

21 Sep Hammock bace cafe Sapporo,Japan

7 Sep Art Space Bar Buena Tokyo,Japan

6 Sep Hisomine Saitama,Japan

4 Sep spaceeauuu Kobe,Japan
3 Sep Bear's Nanba Osaka,Japan
23 Aug Lacking Sound Festival,Taipei Taiwan

18 Aug Pin-to Musica Macau

17 Aug HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity,Hong Kong

16 Aug Yogiga expression gallery Seoul,Korea

15 Aug Jeng-iy collective Daegu,Korea

11 Aug Engel Fukuoka,Japan

9 Aug At Hall Oita,Japan

20 Jun HACHAM ART COMPLEX Sapporo,Japan

6 Jun Ftarri Tokyo,Japan

18 May Hammock Base Cafe,Sapporo Japan

1 May FINDERS Kuala lumpur,Malaysia

Unii Indonesia Tour
27 Apr Bandung Indonesia
25 Apr Malang Indonesia
24 Apr Surabaya Indonesia
23 Apr Semarang Indonesia
22 Apr Boyolali Indonesia
20 Apr Jakarta Indonesia

13 Apr Art Space Bar Buena,Tokyo Japan
5 Apr Granulr Agency & PollenRec present,Kyoto Japan
4 April Socrates, Kyoto Japan
3 April Figya, Osaka Japan
27 Mar chef-d'oeuvre,Osaka Japan
25 Mar Weller's club,Kyoto Japan
24 Mar Urbanguild Kyoto Japan
24 Feb Bangkok,Thailand Harmonica
25 Feb Singapore Artistry

Unii Europe Tour 2014
9 Jan L'Envers Bordeaux,France
10 Jan La Villa Des Cent Regards Montpellier,France
11 Jan Linette galerie Montpellier,France
12 Jan Court Circuit Nice,France
15 Jan ASILE 404 Marseille,France
16 Jan Sonic Lyon,France
17 Jan ASILE 404 Marseille,France
21 Jan U5 Zurich,Switzerland
24 Jan Café le Belvédère Fribourg,Switzerland
29 Jan Gallery A+A Venice,Italy
31 Jan Alto Lab Venice,Italy
1 Feb Dirtmor Treviso,Italy
3 Feb " radio show" at Treptopolis Berlin,Germany
4 Feb Madame Claude Berlin,Germany
20 Feb The Zone Berlin,Germany

4 Nov 綜合藝術茶房 喫茶茶会記 Tokyo,Japan
21 Sep Art Space Bar Buena Tokyo,Japan

unii + wyxmm + un escargot vide? Korea-Japan  Tour 2013
18 June Tokyo,Japan MUSE cafe shibuya
19 June Tokyo,Japan Bullet's Roppongi
26 June Busan,Korea niL cafe
27 June Seoul,Korea Atelier Flaneur
28 June Seoul,Korea Yogiga expression gallery
29 June Daegu,Korea THE POLLACK

1 June Tokyo,Japan 残響ショップ Shibuya
15 June Tokyo,Japan 綜合藝術茶房 喫茶茶会記
16 June Tokyo,Japan Art Space Bar Buena

unii & un escargot vide? South Asia and Japan Tour 2013
17 April Tokyo,Japan Bullet's Roppongi
20 April Tokyo,Japan 文明 Iidabashi
25 April Bandung,Indonesia ROGERS CAFE
26 April Bandung,Indonesia COMMON ROOM
27 April Bandung,Indonesia Chinook
28 April Bandung,Indonesia secret concert in forest
30 April Singapore Blu Jazz Cafe
3, 4 May Bangkok,Thailand Museum Hat Shop & Cafe
10 May Penang,Malaysia SOUNDMAKER
11 May Kuala lumpur,Malaysia FINDERS
16 May Kyoto,Japan Urbanguild
19 May Kyoto,Japan 3F project room
22 May Osaka,Japan nu things
26 May Tokyo,Japan ARENA Shimokitazawa
11 Mar Tokyo,Japan 綜合藝術茶房喫茶茶会記
10 Feb Tokyo,Japan ART SPACE BAR BUENA
26 Jan Ho chi minh,Vietnam Zerostation
23 Jan Ho chi minh,Vietnam YOKO BAR

24 Dec Tokyo,Japan  Ftarri Suidobashi
18 Nov Tokyo,Japan Art Space Bar Buena
20 Oct Tokyo,Japan 綜合芸術茶房喫茶茶会記
17 June Tokyo,Japan Art Space Bar Buena
12 May Tokyo,Japan 文明 Iidabashi feat.Exportion
11 May Tokyo,Japan Soup
6 Apr Tokyo,Japan Heavy Sick Zero feat.Exportion
25 Mar Tokyo,Japan  ART SPACE BAR BUENA
23 Mar Tokyo,Japan Amp cafe
12 Feb Tokyo,Japan  Ninespice
5 feb Tokyo,Japan Amp cafe
22 Jan Kanagawa,Japan 12Bunchi
6 Jan Tokyo,Japan Koenji HIGH feat.Exportion

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